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RFP Questions and Answers

Q:  If an Offeror does not provide a service listed in Section B – Supplies or Services and Offeror’s Prices, can the Offeror still bid on other services? For example, if the Offeror does not provide Sweat Patch/Application & Removal services, can the Offeror still provide prices for other services such as Intake Assessment and Report, Clinical Group, etc.

A:  The Offeror must be able to provide/render each and every treatment services listed in Section B of that particular RFP.  The U.S. Probation Office and the U.S. Pretrial Services Office supplies the sweat patches, Chain of Custody, shipping material, etc. to the vendor.  The vendor would charge U.S. Probation or U.S. Pretrial Services a fee for administering the sweat patch (putting it on and removing the patch). 


Q:  Re: Attachment B (Offeror’s Background Statement) section 2a monitoring reports, we have only had one monitoring site visit in the past 18 months.  The state postponed our MH and SA site inspections due to COVID, but we remain in communication with them regularly.   The County is coming out for a site inspection on ----, but other than that I do not have monitoring reports from the state.  Is this going to negatively impact our RFP application?

A:  Thank you for your email and explanation.  I would recommend submitting a written explanation on Vendor letterhead RE: Monitoring Reports.  I understand the situation and delays due to COVID.  This way we will have justification in writing with your RFP.